Manufacturing Excellence

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From concept and CAD drawings to the shipping dock, skilled engineers, fabricators, painters, and technicians turn ideas into reality.

ASI’s 65,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin, employs some of the area’s most highly trained and experienced personnel. ASI’s full-function shop includes the equipment necessary to cut, bore, bend, weld and form all components of their drying and web handling systems.

Since the manufacturing process is completed in-house, ASI can maintain complete control over product quality and delivery schedules.

All fabrication and assembly is completed as ASI’s manufacturing facilities to ensure and maintain the highest level of quality control.

All fabrication and assembly is completed at ASI’s manufacturing facilities to ensure and maintain the highest level of quality control.

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A turnkey system will often include structural supports and platforms for the dryers, coaters, and auxiliary equipment.

Auxiliary Components

Major retrofits and many new dryer applications frequently require peripheral components or hardware. ASI provides a full compliment of auxiliary and support equipment, including, but not limited to:

  • Platforms
  • Structural Supports
  • Ductwork
  • Dampers
  • Support Rolls
  • Air Turns
  • Replacement Air Bars
  • Walkways
  • Handrails
  • Control Cabinets

Exceptional Quality

From inspection of incoming raw materials and components, through manufacturing and assembly, to final inspection prior to shipment, ASI maintains meticulous attention to a consistent and high level of product quality.

Standard test procedures include 100% of all wiring, instrumentation, and control logic. In addition, customers have the option of “pre-installing” the entire drying system at the Green Bay facility. Performance verification, air flow balancing, and final customer inspection can all be accomplished prior to shipment.

ASI incorporates new and often innovative technologies into the manufacturing process for the specific purpose of improving

performance … be it energy efficiency, ease of operation, product handling, durability, or drying effectiveness.


Computer Controlled Manufacturing

Our Hypertherm high-definition plasma table is one example of adaptive technology. The computer-based controls are programmed directly from the final AutoCAD drawings.


Slotted Door and Panel Frames

Unique to ASI, slotted door and panel frames serve to impede the transfer of heat from the inside to the outside of the dryer. Reduced heat transfer of “through-metal” components equates to better energy efficiency and lower external surface temperature.


Precision Alignment

Precision alignment of the air bar headers is accomplished with optical and laser-based techniques.


Z-Clip Connectors

An ASI exclusive, twisted Z-clips are welded between the inner and outer walls to create the spacing for insulation. The twist configuration permits the metal to expand in all directions, allowing the inner walls to float in a bed of insulation, which provides for a cool exterior surface.


Final Preparation

After assembly, painting, and final “dress out,” the equipment is subjected to a check and double check of all wiring and operational functionality by Quality Assurance and the Project Engineer.