Low Temperature

  1. My dryer is running but one of the zones is unable to get to temperature. What can be causing that?
  2. If your dryer has Honeywell motors in your gas valve, it is possible the actuator motor is beginning to stick. This condition prevents temperature from getting to set-point.

An easy test to perform is to look at the actuator in question and see if it is modulating. If you don’t see movement, tap the actuator with a screwdriver, if the motor begins to move, it is indication of a faulty actuator motor and will need to be replaced.

Flame Out

  1. During start up and sometimes during running, my dryer is experiencing flame outs. How can I fix that?
  2. Your dryer has a system that monitors flame quality via a flame detector. This flame detector has a finite life span. Such life span is determined by how your process contaminates the flame detector.

To inspect such device, remove the flame detector from the burner (The flame detector will be located next to the flame ignitor, which connects to the ignition transformer) If the flame detector is covered with foreign matter, it is time to replace it since the unit is not serviceable.


  1. I have new flame detectors and my dryer is still experiencing flame outs. What could be causing that?
  2. The most likely culprit could be a faulty Flame Safe Guard. Over time, those monitoring devices could fail, causing a particular zone to experience continuous flame outs.

Replace the Flame Safe Guard from the zone(s) causing the flame out and see if that solves the issue.