Narrow Web Dryers

ASI manufactures dryers and ovens for a full range of web applications. Narrow webs (2” to 18”) require the same dryer sophistication as wider webs, including the low/high speed applications and the ability to float the web when non-contact web handling is needed.


Internal Air Turns

A two-sided coating requires that this 2.5” web is dried via this floatation dryer. Note the web path – the entrance (top) and exit (bottom) are at the same end. An internal 180o air turn is used to turn the web without contact. This application was for a flexible circuit board material.


Clam-Shell Designs

A single zone high-temperature dryer for specialty coatings required a cross-machine temperature profile of +/- 5 oF. Note “clam-shell” configuration.


Clean Room Dryers

Stainless steel dryers (inside and out) are often used in clean-room environments for the medical products and photographic industries.


Converting and Paper Industries

  • Abrasive coated web
  • Barrier coated film
  • Carbonless and thermal coatings
  • Clay-coated paper and board
  • Cleanroom applications
  • Electronic components materials
  • Filter media
  • Flexible circuit materials
  • Magnetic media film
  • Non-woven products
  • Optical quality products
  • Photo sensitive materials
  • Plastic, film and foil laminates
  • Pre-pasted wall coverings
  • Pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Protective overcoats
  • Saturated/impregnated materials
  • Silicone release webs
  • Transdermal medical webs
  • Water-based and VOC solvent coatings