Lab Lines

ASI has provided lab line dryers and ovens for many different applications. By its very nature, the R&D environment requires a lab dryer to deliver precise performance over a wide range of operating parameters. This may include high temperature applications (1000°F), through air drying, inert environments or the ability to process either a web or hand sheets.


Drying Adaptability

This 14” web lab dryer is capable of utilizing several different styles of air bars and includes a removable conveyor belt system for running hand sheets. With electric heat and an internal air supply fan, the footprint is small.


Precision Drying

So as to simulate the drying characteristics of a same-plant commercial dryer, this 16” web lab dryer uses air flotation bars of the same size and spacing.


Drying Versatility

A two-zone dryer that drives hot air through the product (web or hand sheets) as it is carried through the dryer on a wire-mesh conveyor belt. The hot air modules (plenums) are on top of the dryer. Conveyor steering and tension controls are underneath the dryer.


Converting and Paper Industries

  • Abrasive coated web
  • Barrier coated film
  • Carbonless and thermal coatings
  • Clay-coated paper and board
  • Cleanroom applications
  • Electronic components materials
  • Filter media
  • Flexible circuit materials
  • Magnetic media film
  • Non-woven products
  • Optical quality products
  • Photo sensitive materials
  • Plastic, film and foil laminates
  • Pre-pasted wall coverings
  • Pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Protective overcoats
  • Saturated/impregnated materials
  • Silicone release webs
  • Transdermal medical webs
  • Water-based and VOC solvent coatings