Inert Dryers

Inert dryers require that a web be dried and/or cured with hot “air” that contains no or very little oxygen. The web entrance and exit slots, as well as all doors must be air tight to preserve the integrity of the internal atmosphere of the dryer. In some cases, the dryers will also incorporate solvent recovery systems.


Air Tight Enclosures

This inert dryer is manufacturing magnetic tapes. The mechanism at the web slot is a “nitrogen seal” that prevents outside air from entering the dryer as the web exits. Knife-edge seals on the doors are air tight.


Custom Web Paths

This steam-heated dryer is unique because of the orientation of web as it passes through the box. Note that the web enters and exits on the right side of the dryer through nitrogen-sealed web slots.


Solvent Recovery

This three zone inert dryer includes an integrated solvent recovery system. The top-side coating is dried with slot nozzles as the web is transported through the dryer on idler rolls.

Converting and Paper Industries

  • Abrasive coated web
  • Barrier coated film
  • Carbonless and thermal coatings
  • Clay-coated paper and board
  • Cleanroom applications
  • Electronic components materials
  • Filter media
  • Flexible circuit materials
  • Magnetic media film
  • Non-woven products
  • Optical quality products
  • Photo sensitive materials
  • Plastic, film and foil laminates
  • Pre-pasted wall coverings
  • Pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Protective overcoats
  • Saturated/impregnated materials
  • Silicone release webs
  • Transdermal medical webs
  • Water-based and VOC solvent coatings