ASI – The Dryer Company

Since incorporation in 1986, ASI has become known for providing cost-effective; custom designed drying and curing systems for a wide range of applications in the converting, paper and graphic arts industries.

Currently located in a modern, 65,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the company has become a leader in heat transfer mechanics; flotation drying, IR/hot air integration, web handling and air turn technology.  Its’ innovative and practical designs have resulted in 22 patents, 24 air bar designs and the installation of more than 500 industrial dryers and air handling units.

ASI specializes in custom designed dryers for some of the most exacting product requirements including applications in photographic films, pressure sensitive adhesives, reverse osmosis filter media, flexible packaging and “clean room” drying processes. By producing the most durable dryers with the highest heat transfer coefficient, ASI provides systems with shorter dryer length and lower energy and maintenance costs.